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A term paper is a precisely written, acknowledged paper of a reasonable length in which a pupil has to identify, analyze, interpret, and draw inferences from the viewpoints of other resources. It entails a student to acquire information from a number of sources like encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books, scholarly journals, newspapers, books, etc. and then create them in plausibly developed thoughts. Following are the steps that a student should keep in mind while composing a term paper:

  • Choose a subject: Students need to find a topic which interests them the most and they enjoy researching on that topic.
  • Narrow down the subject into a theme: This can be done by selecting only one feature of the subject to write about from a range of information.
  • State the purpose: After picking the topic, students should come with a viewpoint. This is called a thesis statement.
  • Create an appendix: This kind of a preliminary bibliography. It is made because it will help the students in gathering all of the information that they have for the term paper.
  • Take good notes: Students should collect statistics, citations and other relevant data which explains their term papers.
  • Write a draft: Once all the information has been collected, a student can start writing his/her term paper.
  • Prepare a final copy: After writing the first draft, a student should review it. Reviewing it will ensure that there are no mistakes in the term paper. After following this procedure, a final copy can be prepared.

Composing a term paper is a very menacing task for the students and they encounter various hitches while completing their term papers:

  • The lengthier the term paper, the more perplexing it becomes to ensure that it is well-structured and cohesive. Students tend to wander away from the idea and also fail to focus on a thesis statement.
  • Students fail to cultivate the ideas for their term paper. They are most likely to write extremely short and long clauses which display that their paper is not developed appropriately.
  • Silly faults in syntax, formatting, spellings, and punctuation also decrease their grades.

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