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Finance is an art and science of dealing with money. It consists of financial service and instruments. Finance is also stated as the delivery of money at the time it is needed. The concept of finance takes an account of funds, capital, money, and amount. It is one of the most integral and significant parts of business concerns. It also plays a chief role in different part of the business activities. Finance is further divided into two parts:

  • Private finance: Private finance is the type of finance which consists of the individual, firms, business or corporate financial activities.
  • Public finance: It encompasses revenue and expenditure of the financial matters of the government.

Financial management is an overall part of business management. It is concerned with the resourceful use of an imperative economic resource, namely, capital funds. Financial management is directly associated with a number of functional sections like personnel, advertising, and fabrication. Following are some important scopes of financial management:

  • Financial management and economics
  • Financial management and mathematics
  • Financial management and production management
  • Financial management and marketing
  • Financial management and human resource

Operational procurement and effectual use of finance lead to the appropriate operation of finance by corporate concerns.

Studying finance and completing its homework is a nerve-racking task for the students these days. There are some difficulties that a student faces while completing his/her finance homework:

  • Some students are more inclined to technical subjects, so they face problems in learning the basics of finance and consequently, fail to complete their homework.
  • The dearth of appropriate study material is one of the issues why students fail to complete their homework.
  • Students ignore the important concepts of this subject and do not learn the missing topics from their professors. This leads to incomplete homework.

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