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Dissertation is the final step that the student has to take to obtain his/her master’s or Ph.D. degree. The purpose that the dissertation serves is that the examiner gets to evaluate the student strictly on the basis of his/her academic skills. The students who wish to acquire their master’s or Ph.D. degree without any delay needs to submit an impeccable dissertation which does not bore the examiner at any point. Dissertation is an excellent written document which increases the chances of the student to get into a reputed college for higher-level educations. The structure of the dissertation is not very difficult to remember and every chapter of the research project is important:

  • The introduction: The most important aspect of the dissertation, the thesis statement comes in this chapter which gives the writer an opportunity to show his narrowing down and briefing skills by stating only the important things, the reader will read in the pages that will follow, in a structured way.
  • The literature review: The writer in this section exhibits his/her literary knowledge on the subject matter via quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing, and referencing the appropriate literary sources.
  • The methodology: In this section, the student has the chance to employ the use of quantitative and qualitative methodology through which he/she can collect and categorize the other information available on the topic.
  • Results and discussions: The analytical skills of the students either makes this chapter incredible or dull.
  • Conclusion: This section is the most important because if the writing ends well then that is all that will matter and motivate the examiner to increase the grades.

The deadline that the dissertation usually receives, which is at least a month, gives the students ample amount of time to write it perfectly.
The dissertation puts a lot of stress on the student which includes arranging their regular study hours to fit the task of completing a dissertation. The students put off the writing part till the due date is around the corner, and they do not consider the fact that doing a bit everyday would save them from getting nervous and messing everything in the end. The absence of the most important job that is proofreading and editing lands the students in the pitfalls which could have been easily avoided with a little dedication. The use of slangs and abbreviation is another setback to the research project.
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