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Coursework is a work set at regular periods as part of an educational course. It is a research project that counts towards a student’s final performance. It includes investigations, expanded essays, performance work or practical experiments. It is an excellent way for students to show the knowledge and skills they have gained throughout their course. Coursework has been characterized into essays, reviews, presentations, reports, autobiographical writings etc. It has its own place in assessing a students’ progress. Coursework write ups also provide students with the chance to enquire into more about their subject or the course they are mastering in. It also allows students to research independently on a particular topic. A teacher through students’ course work can get an idea about how much attentive they have been throughout and how much they have grasped from their lecture periods. Coursework assignments give students in-depth knowledge of their subjects. It encompasses a broad range of activities like research, writing, and practice. In colleges, students are usually required to write coursework in order to enhance their research skills and to broaden knowledge. It is quite a challenging task to investigate about a particular topic and come up with their point of view and ideas on it. Since students are studying with a lot of subjects in parallel with the preparation of their exams and further studies, they find it really a daunting task to complete their coursework paper within the targeted time. Since only a minority of colleges and universities provide the proper foundation for their students for preparation of their coursework paper, thus they become helpless not getting enough sources for research work and consequently they fail to provide enough evidence in support of their arguments. Teachers fail to understand what exactly the writer wants to imply with respect to their topic, hence failing to provide them with good grades.
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