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Assignments are the most general ways to evaluate knowledge of a student. They require a pupil’s commitment and hard work. Assignments give a direction to the pupils through different books, articles, and journals on numerous topics in an easy way. Following are some suggestions that a student should consider while composing assignments:

  • Consider the knowledgeable objectives: Active and measurable verb should be used to write the objective of the assignments.
  • Design the assignments which are interesting and challenging: It is the best side of designing an assignment. Students should focus on their assignments in a creative, motivating and challenging way.
  • Double-check the alignment: Once the assignment has been created, students should double-check the alignment. If there is a mismatch, students should fix it. The goal of the students should be to examine and evaluate the text written in the assignments.
  • Students should name their assignments correctly: It becomes misleading if the assignments are not named appropriately. It is very important that the titles of the assignments also communicate.

There are some questions that a pupil must ask from themselves while creating their assignments:

  • Have they specified the objective of the assignment?
  • Have they followed the proper format and presentation?
  • Have they followed a specific citation or heading?

Composing an assignment is a very nerve-wracking task for the students. Here are some difficulties that a student faces whilst creating an assignment:

  • Pupils often make blunders in choosing the format of their assignment. They should always stick to the Times New Roman and 12 point font.
  • No matter how hard a student has worked, if an assignment is filled with faults, it is definitely not going to influence the teachers. Thus, it is significant that a student proofread their assignments before submitting it.
  • Some students do not have much knowledge about the topic of the assignment and thus they face difficulty in completing their assignments.

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