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College homework is a type of work done by students outside the regular class time. It is an important element of the learning and teaching process as it provides the opportunity for the development of skills as well as for expansion of class work and enhancement of knowledge. Homework plays an important role in a student’s education and the time spent studying at home makes a consequential contribution to the progress students can make. Homework teaches students to work independently. Homework has been a part of student’s life from the beginning of formal school. It can teach students that learning takes place anywhere, not just in the classroom. It can strengthen positive character attributes such as responsibility and independence. It is a part of a circular process of a classroom, if students break that process by not doing homework, they will not be able to get better grades. It should have a specific academic purpose, such as checking for understanding, or applying skills and knowledge. It helps students in assessing their understanding and preparing them for future academic learning. It helps students to retain what have been actually taught in the class and also provide them an opportunity to discover as much as they can on a particular subject or topic.
To increase individual liability students are given homework prior to their exams. They are based on research and involve students’ ability for synthesizing concepts, understanding techniques, and interpreting data. They fail in finding adequate research to complete their homework. Meeting deadlines becomes another great problem. Some students can’t afford tuition fees to complete their homework. Some are struggling because of their language problems such as grammar, spellings, vocabulary etc. Some students have opted job to minimize their problems, due to which they are not able to complete their work on time. In absence of expert advice, they end up with unorganized and inappropriate work.
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